What can I say? I’m old. Not sure how I got here? But my parents told me it would happen. With great glee if I remember correctly. I woke up this morning in Sunny Gatlinburg. Yes, I have crossed the border into Tennessee. Cuzzin Dicks domain. Know him only through shared emails so far but he sounds like a friendly fella. If you read this Cuz, howdy from HoboJoe. So anyway I am at McDonalds as I type madly away and some of the customer’s do seem to be avoiding me . Sorry Starbucks,is not my kind of place. Bless you Ronald. I cheated. I found a place here that told me I could park Magoo (van) for the unheard amount of $5 a day which includes nighttime parking. I was parking at Wal-Mart in Sevierville,Tn but had to drive a twenty mile trip back and fortb,not to mention the traffic. So free is free but being able to set up camp here in downtown Gatlinburg is priceless. Oh the simple joys. In the next day or two I suppose I will do lime the old bear in the story books and head over the mountain. Will go through tbe Great Smoky mountains state park to Cherokee,Nc. Will probably park at the Casino there. May partake of the buffet there and watch people leave the casino dressed in barrel s. Is this a great country or what? No, I’m kidding of course. No barrels here. I am not a gambler in the true sense of the word. I try to keep my money in my pocket. Its hard to come by. After a day or two ghere I am heading for Asheville.Nc to see g the Biltmore. Its fabulous. Hard to describe such a fantastic place. Will post an update. So anyway its time to go. Been wanting to visit the Aq here and then see Cooters home of the General Lee. So everybody stay safe. Get out and see tbe world! Save me a place at the Campfire. HoboJoe
Death scratched my ear,”Live he said. I am coming”

Summer Time where are thou ?

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Hi it’s me again. Approximately 10 miles from Mammoth Cave which is in Cave City, Ky. A bit chilly today and it seems like Old Man Winter is hanging on. Sighing. I am so ready to go on down the road. Spent quite a bit of time last  year exploring the Smoky s, both the TN and NC sides. Beautiful scenery.The forest are spectacular. I presently am boondocking in My Astro van (Blue MaGoo) which I have been working on lately. I have a bed across the back which I usually sleep on at an angle so to speak. I have three plastic totes under the front and three under the back. Before I had the back raise up so you could lean back on it like a  couch. I modified the front half to raise up so I could access the three totes without having to pull them out into the main area of the van. Lots easier as I sometimes have that space cluttered at the best of times. I also painted the top of the van with white elasticity paint (not sure of spelling) so it would be cooler. I found it at Wal-Mart for $20 while it was $43 and change on Amazon. Big difference in price. It’s seems to be lots cooler now.  Going to Camper World today to look at a few things and catch a meal at Cheadders. Hope everybody is doing well. Be kind to yourself and save me a place at the campfire.              HoboJoe’

Hi All, Well its a mite chilly today. That time of year when thoughts turn to memories of past Christmas’s. As children we wondered about what gifts we would receive. As a adults we tend to wonder if what gifts we give will be enough? Its the norm now to give more and more and that sadly is never enough. We have been brainwashed by Society and TV, yes TV commercials that we are truly not happy unless we are spending every penny that we have to make someone else happy or ourselves happier. Some people worry about if there is going to be enough food on the table to last till the end of the month. Others worry f the Turkey is large enough to feed the family and friends coming over? Others are worried if the heat will stay on and not be shut off before the end of the month. Sure, you can say there are programs for this type of thing that will take care of the less fortunate. But do they. Or is it a salve for our conscious to make the holidays go by smoothly.

I Van Therefore I AM

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Mean while back at the ranch………. Its a rainy day here in south central Ky—-read close to Nashville. Took a trip to Anna marie Island this last week and must say its a beauitful place. Drove the old van down there (Dream Machine) and it ran like a Top. Gas milage wasn”t very good but it beats having to pay for a motel room anyday. Motel prices seem to be fairly low at the present time though. Anyway I digress. Of course the day I was ready to leave my vehicle battery went belly up. The dreaded clicking noise was all I heard when I went to start it! So I made a run to the Auto Zone and $130 later I was ready for the road. Ouch!! I drove around Nashville as I don”t like driving in Nashville,Tn at all. Went through Chatanooga,Tn or I should say around and the next magor city was Atlanta’Ga and if you’ve ever driven through Atlanta you know how the traffic is there. Luckily I went through at about 2 AM in the morning. So I ended up driving from about 7 PM in the evening until 10 Am the next morning where I found myself in Ocala,Fl. I ate at a Cracker Barrel (have to treat yourself every now and then right?) and parked in the rear and passed out till the next morning. No knocks on the door so I must of blended in fairly well. Around 10Am I was back on the road winding my merry little way towards Anna Maria Island. I decided to go through Tampa,Fl so I could cross over the SkyBridge. Stopped at this end of it to stretch my legs and look around the ocean front at the nice vistor center that they have there. Beautiful place. Then I proceeded on to the Island. Had to cross a draw bridge or two to get there. really nice scenery every where. Reminds you what a jungle looks like with all the Greenery surrounding you.

Well here in South Central Ky its colddddd…… The mercury is definitely not on the rise today. Got up this morning to a “Killer” frost on the windshield of the van I call home and a few other names when its being cantankerous and won”t start. But we do get along fairly well most of the time. No really costly expenses so far. “Hear me knocking on wood?” So far the dirty side has stayed down and the somewhat clean side is up. My escape pod was caught in a tornado and took a few dents and scratches and pings but weathered it very well. Breakfast on the two burner Coleman stove was quick and efficient. Bacon and scrambled eggs. No toast . I”ve sworn off flour products for the moment and pretty much no sugar for a while. Have to watch the waistline ya know? Then a brisk walk around part of the lake to see what was going on with the weather. The Sun has gone in and the clouds are gathering as I type. You know one of the good things about living in the van? If I decide 5 minutes from now that I want to move 200 miles to the north I just turn the key and my next new adventure begins. And if I like where I’m at I can stay a while or turn that key again and travel another 200 miles. The van life is the life for me me hardies. So now that I think about it there was a festival in a nearby town that I wanted to see. So I guess I will turn that key and head over that way. I’m sure I”ll find a spot to back into and spend the night without to much trouble with all of the out of town vehicles around and will get another good nights sleep after checking out the festival. Bluegrass Festival are always good for me. My home town is not to far from Bill Monroes hometown. The King of Bluegrass Music. Blue Moon of Kentucky was my favorite song. Well come to think of it there”s a full moon tonight so I guess there will be a Blue Moon over Kentucky tonight. I hope that Blue Moon s shining on all of you reading this blog also and that their is peace in your world tonight………………………..Peace………..HoboJoe

Better Days

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Hi all. Sorry for not posting in a while. Still here in Kentucky, the Bluegrass state. Still camped out at the Tail Waters of Barren Lake. Cold here of course but actually had a 60 degree day today. I’m so over Winter. Been heating my van with a small Mr Buddy Heater. I turn it on usally for a few minutes before I climb into the “fart sack” just to take the chill out of the air. Then I shut it off. Don”t like to sleep with it on. Afraid I”ll wake up dead if ya catch my drift? Have a pretty decent bag with a big polar throw that I line the inside of it with. I go to bed dressed in my sweat pants and whatever shirt I wore during the day. I don”t wear the same shirt twice. Didn”t get much accomplished today as it was one of my off days. Just enjoyed the sunshine. Watched the Barren river flow by and tried to decide when I”ll be driving out of here. Then the next question is where will I go? I like Eastern Kentucky as it is mountainous and a beautiful part of the state. Red River Gorge is in that part of the country as well as Natural Bridge Park,both good places to visit and see the sites. Natural Bridge park has like 150 natural bridges carved out by the wind and you can even walk across one of the bridges. Worth the trip. Rock climbers come from all over the country to climb the walls in the Red River Gorge area. Lots of places to climb in the immediate area and theres dispersed camping around Cub Run Lake which is in the same general area. Well breakfast is calling my name. Guess I”ll catch all of you on the back side………HoboJoe

When the Sun goes down and the stars climb the sky there will be a new one tonight..

Well the race is over. It was a long one and seems like it was a pretty fast one. Sorry for not posting sooner but I couldn”t.Had to wrap my brain around the fact that my Mom is gfone. The lady who raised me and 2 brothers and 2 sisters with little help from anyone has slippend away into the night. On 11/12/13 my Mom passed away at home in the care of my Sister and myself and Hospice. My Mom wasn”t perfect. There I said it. My Mom was a sad lady who lived with my Loner type Father. He couldn”t give her the hugs and kisses that she needed and deserved and she wasn”t able to give my daddy the love and kisses that he needed and deserved. This was passed on to my brothers and sisters and myself. We are emotionally crippled. My sister and I have managed to break these bounds and live a somewhat normal life. My two brothers have never married and my older sister I haven’t seen or heard from for over thirty years. My sister and I hug and kiss each others cheek when we see each other and express our love for each other. My brothers and my other sister can”t do or don”t want to do this. I suspect they want to be able to do this but are not quite sure how to do it. Its sad for a fact. I have travel this great country from one end to the other. I will keep traveling. I have to see the Elephant. Upon reflection I have had a good life. I have traveled to other countries and all across the US. I have known the love of some good women. I am alive. Sorry if I rambled but my thoughts are fast and fleeting. Cruise control is on for the moment. Hope everyone has a Great Christmas and remember to hug and kiss those loved ones for we are not promised another minute in this life. Go have fun…….HoboJoe

In the Hospice Unit.

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Well its the 4th of November and its my sisters birthday and Mom is still in the Hospice unit here in Henderson,Ky. Shes going home tomorrow. I stayed with my Dad ten years ago for the last six weeks of his life at home when he was in Hospice. The people at Hospice are great people. My sister is determined to take my Mom home and take care of her. I will help of course. I have always been of the mind that if you have to do something you will find a way to do it. The old adage is “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. I believe this to be true. I have been lucky in my lifetime to have known some “tough” women. Have never been a member of the camp that says that men are the dominant species. Think that women are much toughtr. My opinion of course. Anyway, tomorrow starts me down another path in what has been a very different kind of life. Runaway,Cowboy,Farmer,Soldier, and retiree. My Moms condition is reminding me of my own mortality. I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep….HJ

Well just when you think the worse that could happen has happened harsh reality slaps you in the kisser to let you know that you ain”t seen nothing yet sucker. Whats that saying? Man plans and God laughs? Seems very true these days. Mom just turned 82. Shes in the Hospice hospital here in Henderson,Ky. Shes been here about three days and going to be here at least another 7 days while Hospice Drs evaluate her health and stabilize her with medicine,(can you say Cocktail?), so that she might go home or she might stay here at the Hospice unit in the hospital. She has already starting recieveing daily doses of Morophine. I have camped out here in her room for a while now. Have my sleeping bag rolled up in the closet with a change of clothes hanging in the closet. Not what I’m used to but is adequate for a van living bachelor. The Army and the Boy Scouts taught me well. You”ve heard that old song by Merle haggert “Like a snowball rolling towards Hell?”.. Well I’m on that Rollercoaster ride now and its a bumpy ride my friends. Mom was worried and scared thinking that she was going to the Nurseing Home, so in a way her wish is answered and she doesn’t have to endure that. No matter what happens next Monday shes going Home. My Sister and I have decided that she”ll go home and we”ll take care of her needs. Some people may think that I don”t know what I’m getting into but my ex wifes Mother passed away in our home after a lengthy stay and My Dad passed away at his and my Moms home in 2003 after six weeks in the care of Hospice. I can”t say enough good things about Hospice. We have always had very good people to fall back on when careing for our parents. Anyway I helped take care of my Dad and my mother in law. No,It wasn”t easy. No, there wasn”t any rest periods. It was something that needed doing and I have always been able to reach down inside and find the needed strength to do what had to be done. Simple fact. Some people can do it and some people turn it over to others to handle.  Mom is resting easy now. Shes sleeping a lot which is always a blessing. Doesn”t seem to be in any pain although I don”t think she would complain. I spend my days feeding Mom and reflecting on bygone days. Try to stay focused on the good memories although the bad ones creep in now and then. I don”t care to elaborate. In closeing  I can say that I’m planning on a few new things. My Bucket List has grown in the past weeks. I have been reminded of my own mortality and that if I’m going to experience things the time is now. We may never pass this way again. Can ya dig it?      HoboJoe