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Walked down to the edge of the water this morning to check out the Geese I could hear honking. Not quite sure what all the commotion was about but they were makeing plenty of noise. Decided to walk down the shore to the public boat ramp hear called “Poppin Rock” Like any other normal boat ramp around here the boat ramp is concrete with a concrete parking lot that will hold approximately 150 cars or trucks connected to boat trailers. Very easy access to the lake. Maintained by the Corp of Engineers it requires a day use pass. A three day pass is $5 and a year pass is $30 dollars and half those prices if you have an inner agency pass or a See America the Beautiful pass which I do have. If you are 65 years old or have a disability you are eligible for this money saving pass.  You can go to federal parks and pick up a pass but do call ahead and make sure what kind of documentation is required. They also have pamplets at most parks that tell you the requirements and what you can do with your pass. Also Google it on line”  America the Beautiful Pass” It is also good at many Military Post or Bases. If you are retired military generally most military bases are cheap places to camp and if traveling consider that showers are readily available at the gyms on military bases or post….  I was disabled out of the Army in 1988. I have found when visiting a new city it pays to goggle the citys chamber of commerce and see what is available locally and usally at a discount for military veterans. Lowes and Home Depot and some movie theaters and various places of business offer senior or military discounts if you just take the time and (for us older folk?lol) remember to ask. I do admit I have have CRS! Whish stands for “Can”t remember s!@#!!!””  I have noticed lately that I have become quite proficient at skipping rocks on the surface of the lake. Not world class yet but I will keep practiceing in case anybody wants to issue me a challendge??? This day is a little chilly with a brisk breeze blowing off the lake but I just tuck my chin inside the top of my shirt and wander along the lake shore.  As Clint Blacks song says “Wherever you go there you are” Well here I am enjoying the solitude and how the wind blows riffles across the top of the lake here. Later i will head into West Liberty to see my friend there and make sure hes makeing it ok today and see if he needs help with anything to make his day a little easier. Have a good a day and see you tomorrow my friends…….


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People say “Life is what you make it. I choose to make it happy. Life in general will get you down and knaw you like a dog knaws a bone if you let it. As I travel down lifes highways I sometimes wonder how I arrived at this point. Maybe some star got knocked out of its orbit? Maybe its true Gravity sucks. As a man whi knows a little about everything and a whole lot about nothing I have come to the inevditable decission tha we are all going to Hell in a handbasket. Though I”m not sure of the saize of said handbasket? MMMMMM   60 Years comeing up pretty soon and I wonder like a lot of other people where did the time freaking go? SHould I have saved it and nutured it like a gentle bird with a broken wing in the cup of my protective hands? Some people choose to fish,go on new adventures while others are just as well satisfied to strode easily down lifes highwayws. No one to call brother,no one to call sister, Just follow another yellow line down the middle of the road…..

The day is a dreay kind of day. Don”t believe we made it to 60 degrees like the weather man promised. Not that that is a surprize. The lake has a few chops in it as a light wind has sprung up. Pull my collar up a little to beat the chill. Went by to see Zeb(my Army buddy) We served at Miesau Army Depot in West Germany,or what was West Germany at the time. The Berlin Wall came down and ended that distinction of it being a seperate state. Kicked back and remenisced about old times. Drank a brew or two,well maybe three,and traded insults. Zeb is a good buddy though.




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Today was a good day for an old retired soldier/cowboy/hod carrier. The weather is chilly at 40 degrees but the water is calm and flat as a flapjack sititing in an iron skillet. A great day to think about different aspects of my life and wonder how so many things have seemed to have gone south. Missed chances? Sure. We all have them. Regrets? Of course.  Spring is to long in comeing. I wish for its sweet embrace. To feel its warm breezes upon my brow. To feel the mud created from the silt and the warm lake water between my toes. Ahhhh sweet relief that others go to the Spa to realize.

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Today started much like any other day. I woke up hungry so I decided I was going all out. Searched and found two eggs and a couple of slices of bacon I had overlooked in the bottom of the cooler and gave it the smell test,MMMMMM Smells ok. So I fried the bacon nice and crispy like I like it and then broke the eggs in a plastic bowl and started whipping them with a spork. For those of you who don”t know what a Spork is its a combination fork and knife. So where was I? Oh yeah! Anyway I took the whisked eggs and poured them into the hot black iron skillet and watched the hiss of steam rise up and disappear into the air. After flipping them once and Sporking them out onto a Goodwill plastic plate I then proceeded to devour them in a most unlikely Hobo They were quite good even if I do say so myself. Then a quick clean up while everything was still soft on my plate and it was off to my bathroom bush and relieveing myself on its quite dead foilage. Then into my ancient 92 Ford van and off to the big city of West Liberty,Ky.. Local gossip has it we are not getting one Mexican resturant but two Mexican resturants. Talk about Hog Heaven ,I am quite Then to the library so I could post my message of good cheer and eye the porn sights,just kidding,the library blocks the porn sights and I am not a fan.I”m of the opinion if you”ve seen one porn film you have seen all of them…..Better ways to spend my time. Then to the Mountain mission,which is another form of goodwill and finding no treasures I left town for the base camp. Oh the life of being a retired Warrant Officer is quite I am staying here for a while as my friend Zeb is haveing a complete shoulder replacement soon and I am staying around so I can help him get over his operation. Glad its not me. Hes agood fellow and I don”t mmind holding off my trip West till hes up and about on his feet again. Tried to talk him into going with me but he said no so thats that for a while. Anyway I will walk around the lake now and see whats floated up on the banks. Never know. Maybe a Mermaid perhaps?………….Later gator