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The Snow is here!

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well its middle of the day here and the snow that the weatherman was promising is here. According to the weatherman we are going to get 4 to 6 inches of snow. Right now there is a light dusting of snow sticking to the ground. BRRRR  I have to admit that snow is not one of my favorite things. I don”t mind the rain but don”t like the frozen stuff at all. Snow does cover the trash and gives everything a clean white coating that makes everything look new and clean. The van is cold today but I do have Mr buddy for a backup when I need a little more warmth. Also if I get hungry I”ll fire up the two burner Coleman stove which gives me the added benefit of warming up the van. I keep the passenger door window open a crack and if I need it I can always open my overhead vent a crack. Insulateing the van is the next order of business. As my brother once remarked”being lazy can cost you money. He was right in his not so humble way. If I had insulated the van earlier this year I wouldn”t have to use as much heat this time of year. O Well live and learn is one of my personal mantras. Todays meal is sphaghetti with meat sauce. Just a basic meal to prepare but one of my favorites. And one of the good things about it is that no matter how much I make it doesn”t get wasted as it makes great leftovers. I have a box on top of my van that I keep all my cold stuff in this time of year and it keeps everything nice and cold. Doesn”t hurt that its covered with snow. I always try to use fresh Garlic as I like to use fresh ingredients whenever possible. Have a box of mushrooms and some pasta sauce as I”m takeing the easy way out with it. Use my iron skillet to cook my sauce in and I have an aluminum pot to boil water in and vie la dinner is served…Well not quite as easy as that but you catch my drift. Theres about five deer that have made this area around the lake(Cave Rub Lake,Ky) their home for the Winter. I spotted them earlier this morning grazeing up towards the edge of the woods. I am in a free camping spot right now by the way. No facilities here  but the nearest gas station is about 3 miles away and the nearest town is about 12 miles away so I”m ok. Have cell phone service, A wifi signal when I can leach it off someone else and carry enough water to do me for a few days. If i did have to move from here for any reason I am right off of i-64 and if i head dead east I could be in Viginia Beach in less then a day of travel. Though it would take me two or three dyas the way i like to travel. Maybe a month.. I guess it might be easier to live in a stick house but it wouldn”t be near as much fun as the way I live now, Hardships? No way. This is a daily adventure. Life is what I want to make of it. Stay here for a while,get tired of it and move on down the road over the next hill to see what awaits me in this adventure called life. Want to be warmer ll point my nose towards the south and travel down the road that away.To warm and just go in the oppisite direction. Sort of like the old song”Papa was a Rolling Stone,whereever he layed his hat was his home”.SO untill tomorrow stay warm and be safe and throw another log on the fire………HoboJoe


Remember that light winter?/?/

Posted: February 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well Mother Nature decided I was having it to easy so it decided that the light Winter we were having here in Kentucky needed some help. It is now 4 degrees and the snow is falling! We have 3 inches(I know) and thats more then we have had all Winter. And its still snowing. The roads are slick so I”ve decided to hunker down for the time being and try and wait it out. I”ve got the Buddy going and its nice and toasty in my cargo van and yes I have my light jacket and Sock hat(watch?) on my bald head. Talk about frugal. All you guys paying ten dollars for a haircut is not the way to go. I”ve been shaving my head now going on ten years now. MMMMMMMM Lets say $10 a month for a hair cut give or take a few bucks and that adds up to dang near twelve hundred bucks over the course of ten years. I don”t smoke so thats even bigger savings and I don”t drink very often so thats even more savings. I do tend to eat out quite a bit but I like to eat out as thats one of the things that never happened when I was a kid. I”m makeing up for it in my second childhood lets say. I”ve got the dual burner Coleman stove going now and got my stainless steel coffee pot on it brewing some fresh ground French roast coffee. Life is good. And yes there is Solace in Solitude my friends. Now lets see. I have some Bacon on the outside of my van on the top of it and a few eggs inside as I didn”t really want them to freeze though I could”ve(should”ve?) cracked them and scrambled them in a plastic container and kept them outside with the Bacon. I”ve got a cooler on top that I”m keeping everything in right now and it works very well. Just don”t take off driveing and forget where the Bacon I”ve got my 5 gallon bucket that was once a dry wall bucket in its other lifetime and I use it for my toilet and it doubles as my Washer. I have a lid for my bucket with a hole in it that sets on top and my plunger handle goes in so I can swish it up and down. I have a sprayer (insect) (that wasn”t used in its other lifetime) that I take a shower with. Heat some water on the stove and bingo, its shower time. I also keep some baby wipes for the same thing. I do have my buddy Zeb that lives down the road but I don”t like to inconvenience anybody so I try and not abuse our friendship. We served in the Army together in Germany. My rich uncle sent me there three different times and sent me to Hawaii for three years while I was in. My rich uncle also sent me to lots of places in the states while he was at Not a bad life at all. Anyway , even though its colder then a witches t!@ in December,I”m gonna go out and walk around the lake a little and look at the snow covered scenery that I have been blessed with today…..HoboJoe in Paradise.

Wandering the oasis

Posted: February 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Fog rolling off the lake this morning here in eastern,,Ky and it is cold!! The frost on the grass looks like snow. The finchs are on the feeder I hung last week. Takeing care of business I guess. Have to eat no matter how cold Mother Nature decides it will be. I have Yellow Finchs,Tit Mouses and Black Capped Chickadees feeding this morning. Starting my morning fire is a little chilly this morning. The flames bring a pleasant warmth. The crackleing of the fire brings a welcome sound of things warming up. Ahhhhh   the warmth is delicious. I pull my old black iron skillet off the rock that it rests on and set it on the fire to begin warming and think about the possibilities for breakfast? Maybe some skillet biscuits or maybe some bacon and eggs. Decisions,decisions, Guess I”ll go with the old crowd favorite,,,bacon and eggs. As I strip the bacon from its plastic bag I think about the things on my need to do list. Should go see the Doctor and get a check up.Naw!! Put that off till tomorrow.I”m the master of procrastination. Then I think MMMMM maybe go see Zeb my old Army buddy.Hes under the weather right now. The 13th of Feb he goes into the hospital for a complete shoulder replacement surgery. I volunteered to stay with him while he recuperates. I”m not much of a nurse maid but I adhere to the saying that you can find a way to do what you got to do. I sat with my Daddy for the last six weeks that he was alive and took care of him. He had lung cancer and in the last couple of weeks didn”t realize I was there. He kept wanting to get up and go to work. It was sad thinking thats all he knew to do. Its about all he had ever done his whole life. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters, and 1 brother and 1 sister is all that showed up for maybe 5 minutes durung the whole time he was sick. My oldest sister I haven”t seen for over thirty years now. She always worried about the things we never had. My youngest brother never came to the funeral home much less Daddys funeral. Hes the one with the college education. My college was the school of hard It and the US Army. I did okay I reckon. I made a Warrant Officer before I was sent home on a disability. Well the coffee brewing is calling my name. Check back tomorrow and we”ll see if I make it to the doctors office………