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The Odd Traveler Moves on.

Posted: August 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

I find myself today tooling down I-65 traveling somewhere between boredom and retrospect. Wondering what the new day has in store for me? Yesterday it was a flat tire and trying to change it by the side of the road while18 wheelers and four wheelers(cars) sped by me. One good fellow did stop and inquired as to  did I need any assistance. Got the distinct impression that all was not right in Mudville and told him”Thanks! ,But No Thanks.” Just that feeling crawling up the middle of my back saying “Joe”,”Better not!” So was he a serial killer? Or perhaps a (gasp) salesman? I don”t know honestly but it didn’t feel right. Not sure if it was the way he worded his sentence or his appearance? Anyway I changed the flat and traveled on to a Pilot and after a hot shower and a bit of Din Din I took myself to bed. When I arose from my bed this morning I had no clear destination in mind so I decided to travel on towards Louisville. Louisville as you probably already know is home to the Kentucky Derby. If you should venture down to 4th St which one end of it borders the Ohio River,you will find the Hard Rock Café (great place to eat) and various other night clubs and resturants and a very nice Welcome Center with some really nice ladies just dieing to help you plan your time in Louisville. Ok time for a joke!   How do you pronounce the Capital of Ky? Louisvile or Louie-ville or LOu ul vule?????? You pronounce it Frankfort. Sorry old Ky joke.   Frankfort being a fairly small town even though its the Capital of Ky and Louisville being the largest city in Ky making you assume<<<<<< (Lets not go there ok?) that its the state Capital…SSSSO anyway I digress.  There is also a Mortons Steak House in the vincinity. And if you”ve never been ,do try it. A bit pricey but hey this is an adventure right?  Louisville is know as one of the best cities in the United States to Winter in if you find yourself homeless. Lots of Homeless Shelters and  Churches and other places to give you assistance if you find yourself in that situation. Nashville to the south is not quite as welcomeing. Thay have laws forbidding panhandleing and laws against giving people a handout!. So think before you hand that person any money if you find yourself in Nashville,Tn….. So I digress again. Do that quite often. Apologize for the delay. Thought process”s got a bit scrambled from the motorcycle wreck I had in 2003. Let the Goldwing get away from me. Two weeks in ICU and not much to say about it as I don”t remember it? Took me a while to get over that one. Theres a Wal Mart in Glasgow and a couple of them in Bowling Green and a Sam”s in Bowling Green as well. Good places to spend the night. The one in Glasgow can be a bit nosey. The teenagers like to congregate there and they do have a nightly parking lot cleaner that roars around the lot late at night. Good reason to have ear plugs. MMMMMMMMM  There are two large Welcome Centers(North and South bound lanes) on I-65 and I’m sorry but I don”t remember the mile markers.And several Truck Stops. If you do go to Bowling Green do try and go to Miriahs off the square on State St about a block. Great place to eat. Salad comes with fried Black-eyed peas. Really neat. So its going on 3Pm and I’m going to tool on off of here and go to Miriahs and partake of said salad and then most likely go to Wally World and find a place to park tonight. So Vaya Con Dios and don”t let the bedbugs bite…..HoboJoe