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Another bad day at the home front.

Posted: September 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well I got that phone call in the middle of the night. You know the one. The one nobody wants to receive in this lifetime. My Sister called me with the bad news. Moms had a stroke. She can”t move her right arm or her right leg. She also couldn’t talk right. Had a slight drooling problem on the right side of her mouth and her speech was impeded. Iremember when I walked into her room at the hospital she was laying in the bed all alone. I looked at her and remember thinking”Thats my Mom? That pale, waxy skinned person is my Mom? What kind of horrible joke is this? She slowy stirred and looked at me and said “Joe?”. I replied “Yes Ma its me”. It was a sad moment. This 81 year old lady soon to be 82 had until this moment lived a quiet life at her home with her little pup by herself. My Sis would go over everyday for about 5 hours to see her and help keep her home clean. My nephew mowed her yard every Summer ever since my Dad passed away in 2003. I live 2 and a half hours away when I’m not on the road seeing the Elephant. I left home when I was 17 but tried to remain in contact with my Ma. Now shes going into the Rehab Hospital in Evansville to see if she might recover. The prognosis is grime. Chances are she might not return home to her pup. Chances are we may have to face the fact that the Nurseing Home is our final option. I will keep you posted. HoboJoe


Days of reckoning

Posted: September 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well no matter how much we wish that life was easy and carefree something always seems to come  along to  remind us that life is not always fair so best get over it. My sister called to tell me that my Mom had a Stroke. It had affected her right leg and right hand and she couldn’t talk right. I could still understand her and she had her senses about her so that was good news. Well like most Stealth Campers my s!@3n was packed and ready to go so it was a simple matter of packing up a few loose items around the interior of the van and pressing the pedal to the medal. Mom was in a private room on the third floor of the Hospital in Henderson,Ky with a pretty nice view of the Ohio river. Set and fed her ice most of the day as she had a feeding tube stuck up her nose. The stuff they had in the bag that they were feeding her with looked like a cross between gruel and baby food. She suddenly appeared small and skinny and very pale to me. It was like I was noticeing  for the first time how fragile she had become. Kind of like the first time you look at your parents and realize they are “old”. Also like the time you looked in the mirror and realized you were “old”. Happens to the best of us I’m sure, this sense of mortality when life gives you a wake call and says “Hey!, Wake up stupid and get on with it your”re not getting another chance to do it right. Funny the thoughts that run through your head while setting in the hospital comtemplateing the misfortunes of life. I left about 10 PM that night and went to Moms house to spend the night. Her little Chi Hua Hua Minnie greeted me at the door. She was upset to say the least and you could see where she had cried for her “Mom”. I’m sure her “Mom” cried for her also. Mom will be 82 on the 6th of October.She has  lived alone up till the day of her Stroke. My Sister would go over to her house everyday and spend about 5 hours a day with her and then also would take her to her Hair Appointment that has been set in stone ever since I can remember. She missed her last Saturday appointment and I don”t remember that having ever happened before. Anyway they are optimistic about her chances of a full recovery but she has to go to Evansville,In to a rehab hospital for 2 to 3 weeks to see how much she can be returned to her full mobility. Theres the possibility that she will not be able to go home. How do you tell your Mom that she can”t return to her home where she has resided for the last fifty yrs? The home where her husband passed away in the living room while being cared for by Hospice. That was six weeks that I also spent there careing for my dad who had Lung Cancer. Six weeks that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Death is a part of the cycle of life. As Jim Morrison of the Doors said “Ain”t none of us getting out of here alive”,. So its time for me to close for now. Hopefully sleep will come and visit for a while. I have a lot of things I have to think about. Hopefully things will look clearer in the morning and a new day will help me to sort things out. Peace to all and if you have elderly parents remember to call them and wish them well. You onely get one chance to get it right so take advantage of it. Peace………………….HoboJoe