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Well just when you think the worse that could happen has happened harsh reality slaps you in the kisser to let you know that you ain”t seen nothing yet sucker. Whats that saying? Man plans and God laughs? Seems very true these days. Mom just turned 82. Shes in the Hospice hospital here in Henderson,Ky. Shes been here about three days and going to be here at least another 7 days while Hospice Drs evaluate her health and stabilize her with medicine,(can you say Cocktail?), so that she might go home or she might stay here at the Hospice unit in the hospital. She has already starting recieveing daily doses of Morophine. I have camped out here in her room for a while now. Have my sleeping bag rolled up in the closet with a change of clothes hanging in the closet. Not what I’m used to but is adequate for a van living bachelor. The Army and the Boy Scouts taught me well. You”ve heard that old song by Merle haggert “Like a snowball rolling towards Hell?”.. Well I’m on that Rollercoaster ride now and its a bumpy ride my friends. Mom was worried and scared thinking that she was going to the Nurseing Home, so in a way her wish is answered and she doesn’t have to endure that. No matter what happens next Monday shes going Home. My Sister and I have decided that she”ll go home and we”ll take care of her needs. Some people may think that I don”t know what I’m getting into but my ex wifes Mother passed away in our home after a lengthy stay and My Dad passed away at his and my Moms home in 2003 after six weeks in the care of Hospice. I can”t say enough good things about Hospice. We have always had very good people to fall back on when careing for our parents. Anyway I helped take care of my Dad and my mother in law. No,It wasn”t easy. No, there wasn”t any rest periods. It was something that needed doing and I have always been able to reach down inside and find the needed strength to do what had to be done. Simple fact. Some people can do it and some people turn it over to others to handle.  Mom is resting easy now. Shes sleeping a lot which is always a blessing. Doesn”t seem to be in any pain although I don”t think she would complain. I spend my days feeding Mom and reflecting on bygone days. Try to stay focused on the good memories although the bad ones creep in now and then. I don”t care to elaborate. In closeing  I can say that I’m planning on a few new things. My Bucket List has grown in the past weeks. I have been reminded of my own mortality and that if I’m going to experience things the time is now. We may never pass this way again. Can ya dig it?      HoboJoe