When the Sun goes down and the stars climb the sky there will be a new one tonight.

Posted: December 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well the race is over. It was a long one and seems like it was a pretty fast one. Sorry for not posting sooner but I couldn”t.Had to wrap my brain around the fact that my Mom is gfone. The lady who raised me and 2 brothers and 2 sisters with little help from anyone has slippend away into the night. On 11/12/13 my Mom passed away at home in the care of my Sister and myself and Hospice. My Mom wasn”t perfect. There I said it. My Mom was a sad lady who lived with my Loner type Father. He couldn”t give her the hugs and kisses that she needed and deserved and she wasn”t able to give my daddy the love and kisses that he needed and deserved. This was passed on to my brothers and sisters and myself. We are emotionally crippled. My sister and I have managed to break these bounds and live a somewhat normal life. My two brothers have never married and my older sister I haven’t seen or heard from for over thirty years. My sister and I hug and kiss each others cheek when we see each other and express our love for each other. My brothers and my other sister can”t do or don”t want to do this. I suspect they want to be able to do this but are not quite sure how to do it. Its sad for a fact. I have travel this great country from one end to the other. I will keep traveling. I have to see the Elephant. Upon reflection I have had a good life. I have traveled to other countries and all across the US. I have known the love of some good women. I am alive. Sorry if I rambled but my thoughts are fast and fleeting. Cruise control is on for the moment. Hope everyone has a Great Christmas and remember to hug and kiss those loved ones for we are not promised another minute in this life. Go have fun…….HoboJoe

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