Better Days

Posted: February 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hi all. Sorry for not posting in a while. Still here in Kentucky, the Bluegrass state. Still camped out at the Tail Waters of Barren Lake. Cold here of course but actually had a 60 degree day today. I’m so over Winter. Been heating my van with a small Mr Buddy Heater. I turn it on usally for a few minutes before I climb into the “fart sack” just to take the chill out of the air. Then I shut it off. Don”t like to sleep with it on. Afraid I”ll wake up dead if ya catch my drift? Have a pretty decent bag with a big polar throw that I line the inside of it with. I go to bed dressed in my sweat pants and whatever shirt I wore during the day. I don”t wear the same shirt twice. Didn”t get much accomplished today as it was one of my off days. Just enjoyed the sunshine. Watched the Barren river flow by and tried to decide when I”ll be driving out of here. Then the next question is where will I go? I like Eastern Kentucky as it is mountainous and a beautiful part of the state. Red River Gorge is in that part of the country as well as Natural Bridge Park,both good places to visit and see the sites. Natural Bridge park has like 150 natural bridges carved out by the wind and you can even walk across one of the bridges. Worth the trip. Rock climbers come from all over the country to climb the walls in the Red River Gorge area. Lots of places to climb in the immediate area and theres dispersed camping around Cub Run Lake which is in the same general area. Well breakfast is calling my name. Guess I”ll catch all of you on the back side………HoboJoe


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