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Well here in South Central Ky its colddddd…… The mercury is definitely not on the rise today. Got up this morning to a “Killer” frost on the windshield of the van I call home and a few other names when its being cantankerous and won”t start. But we do get along fairly well most of the time. No really┬ácostly expenses so far. “Hear me knocking on wood?” So far the dirty side has stayed down and the somewhat clean side is up. My escape pod was caught in a tornado and took a few dents and scratches and pings but weathered it very well. Breakfast on the two burner Coleman stove was quick and efficient. Bacon and scrambled eggs. No toast . I”ve sworn off flour products for the moment and pretty much no sugar for a while. Have to watch the waistline ya know? Then a brisk walk around part of the lake to see what was going on with the weather. The Sun has gone in and the clouds are gathering as I type. You know one of the good things about living in the van? If I decide 5 minutes from now that I want to move 200 miles to the north I just turn the key and my next new adventure begins. And if I like where I’m at I can stay a while or turn that key again and travel another 200 miles. The van life is the life for me me hardies. So now that I think about it there was a festival in a nearby town that I wanted to see. So I guess I will turn that key and head over that way. I’m sure I”ll find a spot to back into and spend the night without to much trouble with all of the out of town vehicles around and will get another good nights sleep after checking out the festival. Bluegrass Festival are always good for me. My home town is not to far from Bill Monroes hometown. The King of Bluegrass Music. Blue Moon of Kentucky was my favorite song. Well come to think of it there”s a full moon tonight so I guess there will be a Blue Moon over Kentucky tonight. I hope that Blue Moon s shining on all of you reading this blog also and that their is peace in your world tonight………………………..Peace………..HoboJoe