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I Van Therefore I AM

Posted: June 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

Mean while back at the ranch………. Its a rainy day here in south central Ky—-read close to Nashville. Took a trip to Anna marie Island this last week and must say its a beauitful place. Drove the old van down there (Dream Machine) and it ran like a Top. Gas milage wasn”t very good but it beats having to pay for a motel room anyday. Motel prices seem to be fairly low at the present time though. Anyway I digress. Of course the day I was ready to leave my vehicle battery went belly up. The dreaded clicking noise was all I heard when I went to start it! So I made a run to the Auto Zone and $130 later I was ready for the road. Ouch!! I drove around Nashville as I don”t like driving in Nashville,Tn at all. Went through Chatanooga,Tn or I should say around and the next magor city was Atlanta’Ga and if you’ve ever driven through Atlanta you know how the traffic is there. Luckily I went through at about 2 AM in the morning. So I ended up driving from about 7 PM in the evening until 10 Am the next morning where I found myself in Ocala,Fl. I ate at a Cracker Barrel (have to treat yourself every now and then right?) and parked in the rear and passed out till the next morning. No knocks on the door so I must of blended in fairly well. Around 10Am I was back on the road winding my merry little way towards Anna Maria Island. I decided to go through Tampa,Fl so I could cross over the SkyBridge. Stopped at this end of it to stretch my legs and look around the ocean front at the nice vistor center that they have there. Beautiful place. Then I proceeded on to the Island. Had to cross a draw bridge or two to get there. really nice scenery every where. Reminds you what a jungle looks like with all the Greenery surrounding you.