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Hi All, Well its a mite chilly today. That time of year when thoughts turn to memories of past Christmas’s. As children we wondered about what gifts we would receive. As a adults we tend to wonder if what gifts we give will be enough? Its the norm now to give more and more and that sadly is never enough. We have been brainwashed by Society and TV, yes TV commercials that we are truly not happy unless we are spending every penny that we have to make someone else happy or ourselves happier. Some people worry about if there is going to be enough food on the table to last till the end of the month. Others worry f the Turkey is large enough to feed the family and friends coming over? Others are worried if the heat will stay on and not be shut off before the end of the month. Sure, you can say there are programs for this type of thing that will take care of the less fortunate. But do they. Or is it a salve for our conscious to make the holidays go by smoothly.