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Summer Time where are thou ?

Posted: March 19, 2016 in Uncategorized

Hi it’s me again. Approximately 10 miles from Mammoth Cave which is in Cave City, Ky. A bit chilly today and it seems like Old Man Winter is hanging on. Sighing. I am so ready to go on down the road. Spent quite a bit of time last  year exploring the Smoky s, both the TN and NC sides. Beautiful scenery.The forest are spectacular. I presently am boondocking in My Astro van (Blue MaGoo) which I have been working on lately. I have a bed across the back which I usually sleep on at an angle so to speak. I have three plastic totes under the front and three under the back. Before I had the back raise up so you could lean back on it like a  couch. I modified the front half to raise up so I could access the three totes without having to pull them out into the main area of the van. Lots easier as I sometimes have that space cluttered at the best of times. I also painted the top of the van with white elasticity paint (not sure of spelling) so it would be cooler. I found it at Wal-Mart for $20 while it was $43 and change on Amazon. Big difference in price. It’s seems to be lots cooler now.  Going to Camper World today to look at a few things and catch a meal at Cheadders. Hope everybody is doing well. Be kind to yourself and save me a place at the campfire.              HoboJoe’