SpringBreak, Ahh the joy of it. not!

Posted: April 1, 2016 in Uncategorized

What can I say? I’m old. Not sure how I got here? But my parents told me it would happen. With great glee if I remember correctly. I woke up this morning in Sunny Gatlinburg. Yes, I have crossed the border into Tennessee. Cuzzin Dicks domain. Know him only through shared emails so far but he sounds like a friendly fella. If you read this Cuz, howdy from HoboJoe. So anyway I am at McDonalds as I type madly away and some of the customer’s do seem to be avoiding me . Sorry Starbucks,is not my kind of place. Bless you Ronald. I cheated. I found a place here that told me I could park Magoo (van) for the unheard amount of $5 a day which includes nighttime parking. I was parking at Wal-Mart in Sevierville,Tn but had to drive a twenty mile trip back and fortb,not to mention the traffic. So free is free but being able to set up camp here in downtown Gatlinburg is priceless. Oh the simple joys. In the next day or two I suppose I will do lime the old bear in the story books and head over the mountain. Will go through tbe Great Smoky mountains state park to Cherokee,Nc. Will probably park at the Casino there. May partake of the buffet there and watch people leave the casino dressed in barrel s. Is this a great country or what? No, I’m kidding of course. No barrels here. I am not a gambler in the true sense of the word. I try to keep my money in my pocket. Its hard to come by. After a day or two ghere I am heading for Asheville.Nc to see g the Biltmore. Its fabulous. Hard to describe such a fantastic place. Will post an update. So anyway its time to go. Been wanting to visit the Aq here and then see Cooters home of the General Lee. So everybody stay safe. Get out and see tbe world! Save me a place at the Campfire. HoboJoe
Death scratched my ear,”Live he said. I am coming”


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