Just a broke down Cowboy trying to make it in a hard scrabble world. Been a Paperboy, Cowboy, Bull Rider,Hod Carrier,Stone layer, Warrant Officer and now find myself searching  for myself everyday. Consultant(ask me a question?That”ll be 5 Dollars Please. ) and a part time  Free Thinker. Who is John Galt. Have a love for reading and words. Three children who claim to be adults and 3 grandchildren and two Great grandchildren all though all my Grandchildren are great. As the Mountain Men used to say “I’m off to see the Elephant” Have traveled all over these United States via my rich uncle(Sam) and for a short time I drove a Semi coast to coast. All I can say is (I haven’t seen near enough yet). I am a gentle,laid back,quiet,soft spoken kind of Hillbilly. No Axes to grind, no agendas to worry about. Footloose and fancy free. No Schedules to keep, no baggage except a duffle bag.  Drop by and see me some time. I”ll keep the fire lit……………………………….HoboJoe

  1. Nancy says:

    Thanks for the post on my blog 😀 You sound like me, 20 different jobs over the course of your life. Some of us are just born to be wanderers!

    • Hi Nancy. I think I just sent my email to you into cyber space so I’m replying again? Hope you are doing well and enjoying life. Yes, I have had a few jobs. I seem to have followed many paths through life and still looking? Hey? Would you like to email and maybe talk? If so my email addy is billybob200138@yahoo.com I would like if you did want to mail or talk……Joe

    • Hi Nancy, Just wondered how life is treating you these days? I’m ok. Weathering out these cold Winter days in Ky. Come Spring I’m loading up the van and moveing to Beverly,,,.Hills that is????Whoops wrong song.lol.No ,come spring I’m heading out to see where life leads me. So far its lead me to many different places and life styles. I look forward to the adventure of new roads to travel and new people to meet. I am always amazed by watching people and how I form some sort of preconceived conception of how their life must be and then finding out I don”t have a clue how their life is. Have met some pretty amazeing people while looking far from normal have the most beautiful talents and skills. You never know by looking at people what talents they have. Anyway I”ve rambled and I apologize. Hope your journey is going well. Hope life is treating you well. Peace…….Joe

      • Nancy says:

        HI Joe: Life is pretty good. Waiting for the cold weather to be over and the snow to melt, so i can start working on my little trailer. I bought a 14′ Serro Scotty in November, and it was delivered to storage in the pouring rain, on a pitch black night, so I haven’t even had a chance to hang out in it yet. It’s been a very long, cold and snowy winter this year, so I have to wait for the snow to melt before I can get to her.

        I belong to a group of ladies all across Canada that are all vintage trailer enthusiasts. No men allowed! LOL. We plan get-togethers locally so we can get out and play! I’m hoping that this will ease me into eventually living in a tiny house or trailer. I need the confidence that I can do it first, before I consider selling everything and hitting the road!

        How was the winter in KY?


      • Hi Nancy, First I must apologize most profusely. Didn”t find this message till today. ARGGGGGG…lol Anyway thanks for the reply. My email is Billybob200138@yahoo if??? you would care to reply??? Sounds like you are ready for an adventure!!! All I can say is “Go for it”……Try not to live with regrets. And whats this about a group of ladies with no men allowed????GASP!!!!! lol Smart ladies.lol…. Know it must be nice to travel with the other ladies. Not only is there safety in numbers its a heck od a lot more fun!!!!!! As for the past Winter? It was (excuse me here) freaking cold!!!!!!..lol Had some of the lowest temps we”ve had ina longggg time. I weathered it fairly well although I do not like the cold. Keep swearing I’m moveing south but everybody just laughs at me when I tell them that.lol. Anyway your adventure awaits you pretty lady. Kindest Regards Joe

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