HoboJoe/Boondocking in Ky

Getting towards the end of January and I can”t say I am sad to Winter go. Has been the mildest Winter that I can remember though. I am currently in Eastern,Ky on Cave Run Lake. Though the tempatures have dipped sometimes into the teens I have made it fairly well. I also have a friend that lives in West liberty,Ky which is about 10 miles from here. Zeb is an old Army buddy of mine and we have kept in touch after serving together in the Army in Germany. He is currently getting prepared to have a complete shoulder replacement on the 13th of Feb in Lexington,Ky. I don”t envy him of course but you do what your body tells you as you get older. As the saying goes “If I had known I was gonna live this long I would”ve taken better care of myself! Was a marvelous 62 degrees here today and while I know to those boondocking in AZ(You lucky people) this wouldn”t seem like a big deal at all, it is really incredible here. I will let you in on a little secret. I will take the rain over the snow any day. Rain doesn”t bother me. I guess because in the back of my mind(yes I have one!) I know that everything on this earth needs the sunshine and the rain. Breakfast today was a boiled egg(yes I like them) and three cups of fresh ground Columbian coffee. I have a Crusinart coffe pot that grinds the beans and makes coffe. Take note here! I may be a hillbilly but I am not that much of a hillbilly. One of my few luxuriesI admit.  Can”t see makeing the drive seven miles to town every morning to get McDonalds coffee even if they have free refills. For lunch I did drive to Zebs to how he was doing and he was under the weather so I fixed up some spaghetti we had made the other day and nuked it warm and we made do with it. Then a trip to the store to get resupplied and we”re in good shape for a few more days. Zeb likes his beer and I am just a very occassional sipper. He makes up for both of us. Its five o clock for him 24/7


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