Well the race is over. It was a long one and seems like it was a pretty fast one. Sorry for not posting sooner but I couldn”t.Had to wrap my brain around the fact that my Mom is gfone. The lady who raised me and 2 brothers and 2 sisters with little help from anyone has slippend away into the night. On 11/12/13 my Mom passed away at home in the care of my Sister and myself and Hospice. My Mom wasn”t perfect. There I said it. My Mom was a sad lady who lived with my Loner type Father. He couldn”t give her the hugs and kisses that she needed and deserved and she wasn”t able to give my daddy the love and kisses that he needed and deserved. This was passed on to my brothers and sisters and myself. We are emotionally crippled. My sister and I have managed to break these bounds and live a somewhat normal life. My two brothers have never married and my older sister I haven’t seen or heard from for over thirty years. My sister and I hug and kiss each others cheek when we see each other and express our love for each other. My brothers and my other sister can”t do or don”t want to do this. I suspect they want to be able to do this but are not quite sure how to do it. Its sad for a fact. I have travel this great country from one end to the other. I will keep traveling. I have to see the Elephant. Upon reflection I have had a good life. I have traveled to other countries and all across the US. I have known the love of some good women. I am alive. Sorry if I rambled but my thoughts are fast and fleeting. Cruise control is on for the moment. Hope everyone has a Great Christmas and remember to hug and kiss those loved ones for we are not promised another minute in this life. Go have fun…….HoboJoe


In the Hospice Unit.

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Well its the 4th of November and its my sisters birthday and Mom is still in the Hospice unit here in Henderson,Ky. Shes going home tomorrow. I stayed with my Dad ten years ago for the last six weeks of his life at home when he was in Hospice. The people at Hospice are great people. My sister is determined to take my Mom home and take care of her. I will help of course. I have always been of the mind that if you have to do something you will find a way to do it. The old adage is “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. I believe this to be true. I have been lucky in my lifetime to have known some “tough” women. Have never been a member of the camp that says that men are the dominant species. Think that women are much toughtr. My opinion of course. Anyway, tomorrow starts me down another path in what has been a very different kind of life. Runaway,Cowboy,Farmer,Soldier, and retiree. My Moms condition is reminding me of my own mortality. I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep….HJ

Well just when you think the worse that could happen has happened harsh reality slaps you in the kisser to let you know that you ain”t seen nothing yet sucker. Whats that saying? Man plans and God laughs? Seems very true these days. Mom just turned 82. Shes in the Hospice hospital here in Henderson,Ky. Shes been here about three days and going to be here at least another 7 days while Hospice Drs evaluate her health and stabilize her with medicine,(can you say Cocktail?), so that she might go home or she might stay here at the Hospice unit in the hospital. She has already starting recieveing daily doses of Morophine. I have camped out here in her room for a while now. Have my sleeping bag rolled up in the closet with a change of clothes hanging in the closet. Not what I’m used to but is adequate for a van living bachelor. The Army and the Boy Scouts taught me well. You”ve heard that old song by Merle haggert “Like a snowball rolling towards Hell?”.. Well I’m on that Rollercoaster ride now and its a bumpy ride my friends. Mom was worried and scared thinking that she was going to the Nurseing Home, so in a way her wish is answered and she doesn’t have to endure that. No matter what happens next Monday shes going Home. My Sister and I have decided that she”ll go home and we”ll take care of her needs. Some people may think that I don”t know what I’m getting into but my ex wifes Mother passed away in our home after a lengthy stay and My Dad passed away at his and my Moms home in 2003 after six weeks in the care of Hospice. I can”t say enough good things about Hospice. We have always had very good people to fall back on when careing for our parents. Anyway I helped take care of my Dad and my mother in law. No,It wasn”t easy. No, there wasn”t any rest periods. It was something that needed doing and I have always been able to reach down inside and find the needed strength to do what had to be done. Simple fact. Some people can do it and some people turn it over to others to handle.  Mom is resting easy now. Shes sleeping a lot which is always a blessing. Doesn”t seem to be in any pain although I don”t think she would complain. I spend my days feeding Mom and reflecting on bygone days. Try to stay focused on the good memories although the bad ones creep in now and then. I don”t care to elaborate. In closeing  I can say that I’m planning on a few new things. My Bucket List has grown in the past weeks. I have been reminded of my own mortality and that if I’m going to experience things the time is now. We may never pass this way again. Can ya dig it?      HoboJoe

Another bad day at the home front.

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Well I got that phone call in the middle of the night. You know the one. The one nobody wants to receive in this lifetime. My Sister called me with the bad news. Moms had a stroke. She can”t move her right arm or her right leg. She also couldn’t talk right. Had a slight drooling problem on the right side of her mouth and her speech was impeded. Iremember when I walked into her room at the hospital she was laying in the bed all alone. I looked at her and remember thinking”Thats my Mom? That pale, waxy skinned person is my Mom? What kind of horrible joke is this? She slowy stirred and looked at me and said “Joe?”. I replied “Yes Ma its me”. It was a sad moment. This 81 year old lady soon to be 82 had until this moment lived a quiet life at her home with her little pup by herself. My Sis would go over everyday for about 5 hours to see her and help keep her home clean. My nephew mowed her yard every Summer ever since my Dad passed away in 2003. I live 2 and a half hours away when I’m not on the road seeing the Elephant. I left home when I was 17 but tried to remain in contact with my Ma. Now shes going into the Rehab Hospital in Evansville to see if she might recover. The prognosis is grime. Chances are she might not return home to her pup. Chances are we may have to face the fact that the Nurseing Home is our final option. I will keep you posted. HoboJoe

Days of reckoning

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Well no matter how much we wish that life was easy and carefree something always seems to come  along to  remind us that life is not always fair so best get over it. My sister called to tell me that my Mom had a Stroke. It had affected her right leg and right hand and she couldn’t talk right. I could still understand her and she had her senses about her so that was good news. Well like most Stealth Campers my s!@3n was packed and ready to go so it was a simple matter of packing up a few loose items around the interior of the van and pressing the pedal to the medal. Mom was in a private room on the third floor of the Hospital in Henderson,Ky with a pretty nice view of the Ohio river. Set and fed her ice most of the day as she had a feeding tube stuck up her nose. The stuff they had in the bag that they were feeding her with looked like a cross between gruel and baby food. She suddenly appeared small and skinny and very pale to me. It was like I was noticeing  for the first time how fragile she had become. Kind of like the first time you look at your parents and realize they are “old”. Also like the time you looked in the mirror and realized you were “old”. Happens to the best of us I’m sure, this sense of mortality when life gives you a wake call and says “Hey!, Wake up stupid and get on with it your”re not getting another chance to do it right. Funny the thoughts that run through your head while setting in the hospital comtemplateing the misfortunes of life. I left about 10 PM that night and went to Moms house to spend the night. Her little Chi Hua Hua Minnie greeted me at the door. She was upset to say the least and you could see where she had cried for her “Mom”. I’m sure her “Mom” cried for her also. Mom will be 82 on the 6th of October.She has  lived alone up till the day of her Stroke. My Sister would go over to her house everyday and spend about 5 hours a day with her and then also would take her to her Hair Appointment that has been set in stone ever since I can remember. She missed her last Saturday appointment and I don”t remember that having ever happened before. Anyway they are optimistic about her chances of a full recovery but she has to go to Evansville,In to a rehab hospital for 2 to 3 weeks to see how much she can be returned to her full mobility. Theres the possibility that she will not be able to go home. How do you tell your Mom that she can”t return to her home where she has resided for the last fifty yrs? The home where her husband passed away in the living room while being cared for by Hospice. That was six weeks that I also spent there careing for my dad who had Lung Cancer. Six weeks that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Death is a part of the cycle of life. As Jim Morrison of the Doors said “Ain”t none of us getting out of here alive”,. So its time for me to close for now. Hopefully sleep will come and visit for a while. I have a lot of things I have to think about. Hopefully things will look clearer in the morning and a new day will help me to sort things out. Peace to all and if you have elderly parents remember to call them and wish them well. You onely get one chance to get it right so take advantage of it. Peace………………….HoboJoe

The Odd Traveler Moves on.

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I find myself today tooling down I-65 traveling somewhere between boredom and retrospect. Wondering what the new day has in store for me? Yesterday it was a flat tire and trying to change it by the side of the road while18 wheelers and four wheelers(cars) sped by me. One good fellow did stop and inquired as to  did I need any assistance. Got the distinct impression that all was not right in Mudville and told him”Thanks! ,But No Thanks.” Just that feeling crawling up the middle of my back saying “Joe”,”Better not!” So was he a serial killer? Or perhaps a (gasp) salesman? I don”t know honestly but it didn’t feel right. Not sure if it was the way he worded his sentence or his appearance? Anyway I changed the flat and traveled on to a Pilot and after a hot shower and a bit of Din Din I took myself to bed. When I arose from my bed this morning I had no clear destination in mind so I decided to travel on towards Louisville. Louisville as you probably already know is home to the Kentucky Derby. If you should venture down to 4th St which one end of it borders the Ohio River,you will find the Hard Rock Café (great place to eat) and various other night clubs and resturants and a very nice Welcome Center with some really nice ladies just dieing to help you plan your time in Louisville. Ok time for a joke!   How do you pronounce the Capital of Ky? Louisvile or Louie-ville or LOu ul vule?????? You pronounce it Frankfort. Sorry old Ky joke.   Frankfort being a fairly small town even though its the Capital of Ky and Louisville being the largest city in Ky making you assume<<<<<< (Lets not go there ok?) that its the state Capital…SSSSO anyway I digress.  There is also a Mortons Steak House in the vincinity. And if you”ve never been ,do try it. A bit pricey but hey this is an adventure right?  Louisville is know as one of the best cities in the United States to Winter in if you find yourself homeless. Lots of Homeless Shelters and  Churches and other places to give you assistance if you find yourself in that situation. Nashville to the south is not quite as welcomeing. Thay have laws forbidding panhandleing and laws against giving people a handout!. So think before you hand that person any money if you find yourself in Nashville,Tn….. So I digress again. Do that quite often. Apologize for the delay. Thought process”s got a bit scrambled from the motorcycle wreck I had in 2003. Let the Goldwing get away from me. Two weeks in ICU and not much to say about it as I don”t remember it? Took me a while to get over that one. Theres a Wal Mart in Glasgow and a couple of them in Bowling Green and a Sam”s in Bowling Green as well. Good places to spend the night. The one in Glasgow can be a bit nosey. The teenagers like to congregate there and they do have a nightly parking lot cleaner that roars around the lot late at night. Good reason to have ear plugs. MMMMMMMMM  There are two large Welcome Centers(North and South bound lanes) on I-65 and I’m sorry but I don”t remember the mile markers.And several Truck Stops. If you do go to Bowling Green do try and go to Miriahs off the square on State St about a block. Great place to eat. Salad comes with fried Black-eyed peas. Really neat. So its going on 3Pm and I’m going to tool on off of here and go to Miriahs and partake of said salad and then most likely go to Wally World and find a place to park tonight. So Vaya Con Dios and don”t let the bedbugs bite…..HoboJoe

The Snow is here!

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Well its middle of the day here and the snow that the weatherman was promising is here. According to the weatherman we are going to get 4 to 6 inches of snow. Right now there is a light dusting of snow sticking to the ground. BRRRR  I have to admit that snow is not one of my favorite things. I don”t mind the rain but don”t like the frozen stuff at all. Snow does cover the trash and gives everything a clean white coating that makes everything look new and clean. The van is cold today but I do have Mr buddy for a backup when I need a little more warmth. Also if I get hungry I”ll fire up the two burner Coleman stove which gives me the added benefit of warming up the van. I keep the passenger door window open a crack and if I need it I can always open my overhead vent a crack. Insulateing the van is the next order of business. As my brother once remarked”being lazy can cost you money. He was right in his not so humble way. If I had insulated the van earlier this year I wouldn”t have to use as much heat this time of year. O Well live and learn is one of my personal mantras. Todays meal is sphaghetti with meat sauce. Just a basic meal to prepare but one of my favorites. And one of the good things about it is that no matter how much I make it doesn”t get wasted as it makes great leftovers. I have a box on top of my van that I keep all my cold stuff in this time of year and it keeps everything nice and cold. Doesn”t hurt that its covered with snow. I always try to use fresh Garlic as I like to use fresh ingredients whenever possible. Have a box of mushrooms and some pasta sauce as I”m takeing the easy way out with it. Use my iron skillet to cook my sauce in and I have an aluminum pot to boil water in and vie la dinner is served…Well not quite as easy as that but you catch my drift. Theres about five deer that have made this area around the lake(Cave Rub Lake,Ky) their home for the Winter. I spotted them earlier this morning grazeing up towards the edge of the woods. I am in a free camping spot right now by the way. No facilities here  but the nearest gas station is about 3 miles away and the nearest town is about 12 miles away so I”m ok. Have cell phone service, A wifi signal when I can leach it off someone else and carry enough water to do me for a few days. If i did have to move from here for any reason I am right off of i-64 and if i head dead east I could be in Viginia Beach in less then a day of travel. Though it would take me two or three dyas the way i like to travel. Maybe a month.. I guess it might be easier to live in a stick house but it wouldn”t be near as much fun as the way I live now, Hardships? No way. This is a daily adventure. Life is what I want to make of it. Stay here for a while,get tired of it and move on down the road over the next hill to see what awaits me in this adventure called life. Want to be warmer ll point my nose towards the south and travel down the road that away.To warm and just go in the oppisite direction. Sort of like the old song”Papa was a Rolling Stone,whereever he layed his hat was his home”.SO untill tomorrow stay warm and be safe and throw another log on the fire………HoboJoe